The Business Side of Things

The Business Side of Things

Go Above And Beyond: Why Send Hand Drawn Greeting Cards To Your Clients

If you're a small business owner, you need an effective way to reach out to your clients. If you're like most business owners, you rely on electronic messaging. Emails may be an effective way to conduct official business. But, they're not necessarily the best way to provide the personal attention your clients need. That's where greeting cards come into the picture. Gr

Caring For Your Washable Personal Protection Mask: 4 Ways To Get It Right

In today's uncertain times, it's important that each person do their part to protect themselves, as well as those around them. One of these protective measures is washable masks. Washable personal protection masks are awesome because they provide a safe and secure way to protect your mouth and nose from harmful germs while remaining more practical than standard masks

Dress Etiquette For Military And Civilian Funeral Services

U.S. states are drawing up plans for a return to normalcy. One consequence of deconfinement is you may receive more invitations to funerals. Official military services funerals have been banned during confinement. As with civilian funerals, they have been limited to 10 close family members. Like weddings, many people will hold these special ceremonies after deconfinem

Looking for a New Place to Live? Top Reasons to Purchase a Home in a Country Club

If you're in the market for a new place to live, you may want to consider buying a home that's in a country club. This will allow you to enjoy a number of benefits and could be the key to getting more out of life. Knowing some of the numerous advantages of choosing a home in this area could be helpful in making the right purchase. 1. Gated community Having a home in a

3 Vital Steps For A Clean Commercial Kitchen Vent Hood

The vent hood in a commercial kitchen sees a lot of use over the course of a normal business day. This means that grease and food residue can build up within the vent hood quickly. Grease buildup poses a serious fire hazard, so it must be addressed often to ensure that a commercial kitchen remains in compliance with fire standards. Professional cleaning on a regular b