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Advice When Cleaning Army Rank Metal Pins

If you're in the Army, you'll have a particular rating or class and it will be represented by a metal pin that you wear on your attire. It's important to keep this metal pin in good condition, which will require the following cleaning steps.

Avoid Citrus Products

You'll be able to use cleaning solutions to remove dirt and grime off your Army rank metal pin, but you need to be particular about which ones you use. Ideally, stay away from any chemicals that have citrus ingredients. They may smell good, but their acidic nature would more than likely damage the metal pin's enamel.

Then, after enough corrosion has occurred, your pin will be more prone to breaking down. As such, verify your cleaning solutions don't have any citrus or acidic ingredients that would cause this type of damage to the pin's protective coating.

Use a Cloth That's Non-Abrasive

One of the best resources you can use to clean Army rank metal pins is a cloth. It can help you remove all kinds of things from these pins, including dirt, mud, and food residue. You just need to make sure the cloth has a non-abrasive design because that's going to prevent you from wearing down the Army rank metal pin over time.

A soft and forgiving cloth would help you clean your Army rank metal pin in a thorough but protected way so that surface damage like scratching doesn't result over time. 

Polish Pin Consistently

If your Army rank metal pin has a distinct luster and you want to keep it for a long time, then you need to polish this pin on a consistent basis. This is an integral cleaning step that isn't hard to complete and if done right, can have a huge impact on the overall visuals of these pins. 

Again, you just need to make sure you go with a polish that's specifically designed for the metal that your Army rank pin is made of. Then you can get a good shine going without causing structural damage. Some pin manufacturers will include polishing kits with pins they sell to the military, which would save you money and ensure optimal cleaning results.

Metal pins have a special role for different military branches, especially the Army. If you want your pin holding up and looking amazing for years, all it takes is the right cleaning approaches and being consistent with them over the years. 

Contact a supplier of Army specialist rank insignia pins for more information.