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How Seamless Gutters Can Protect Your Home From Water Damage

You've probably heard about seamless gutters, but you may wonder if they're worth the cost since basic sectional gutters can be installed for less money. Once you understand how seamless gutters protect your home, you'll probably realize they're not only worth the investment, they may actually save you from having to spend a lot of money on repairing water damage to your foundation or roof. Here's how.

Rain Spills Over The Side When Gutters Clog

When gutter troughs are seamless, there is a reduced risk of clogging. That's because the seam where sectional joints connect can catch debris, and the debris keeps piling up until a clog forms.

When the clog is bad enough, rain collects in the gutters until it falls over the side and lands near the foundation of your house. That's when water damage can occur to your home's foundation. Water spilling over the sides of clogged gutters can also lead to a wet basement.

Backed-Up Rain Can Ruin Your Siding And Roof

Your foundation isn't the only thing at risk when your gutters back up. Rain can spill over the sides of the troughs and get the siding wet. Rain might even get behind the siding and lead to problems with mold. These problems could lead to a shorter life for your siding and the need for expensive mold remediation.

The rain can also damage fascia boards and the soffit under your roof. When these parts of your roof rot, your roof is susceptible to insect, bird, and animal damage since they are attracted to rotting wood.

Seams Can Leak And Let Rain Puddle Near Your House

Another way rain can harm your foundation is when a seam comes loose in a sectional gutter and lets rain fall to the ground near your house. Rain can seep through concrete, and it can enter your basement through gaps around a basement window.

Seamless gutters offer better protection for your home because there are no seams in the troughs to start leaking. This allows rain to drain away as it should so your roof, siding, and foundation don't suffer from water damage.

Standing Water Can Freeze And Make An Ice Dam

Sectional gutters that come apart at the seams or get clogged and hold water can shift from their proper slope. This might happen due to the weight of all the water that can't drain out. When a gutter trough sags, it's even harder for the rain to drain.

When the temperature drops below freezing, the water freezes and forms an ice dam that causes even more problems for your roof. Melting snow and ice from the roof won't be able to fall in the gutter trough and drain away. Instead, it may back up on the roof and freeze again, causing damage to the shingles and deck.

Seamless gutters can reduce some of these risks. You still need to clean leaves out when needed or put gutter covers on top of the troughs, but you won't have to worry about seams causing leaks and clogs that could lead to water damage to important parts of your home.