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Maintaining Your Independence With the Help of a Lift Chair or Recliner

Mobility issues can be discouraging and limit personal independence, so any time there is a way to reduces those limits and restore some independence, it may be worth looking into. Something as simple as getting out of a chair can become a problem, but there are lift chair recliners and couches that can remove the limit and help you restore some independence. 

Lift Chairs

Lift chair recliners can be an excellent addition to your living room if you find you often need a little help to get up from your chair. These chairs look like regular recliners and are available in many different fabrics, so they fit in with the furnishings you already have. 

The most significant difference in the lift chair recliners is the frame under the chair. While the chair will recline to allow you that all-important cat nap, they also have power assistance to push the chair up and forward to push you up to a standing position. 

The chair moves slowly so it will not knock you off balance as it lifts, and if you leave the chair up, you can back up to it and lower it to slowly lower you back into the chair, eliminating the chance of falling as you sit down. Instead of depending on someone to help you in and out of the chair, you can control the chair, so you have control over getting up or sitting down anytime you want. 

Who Needs These Chairs

Lift chair recliners are great for many different people, and while some elderly folks use them, they are not limited to those people. Anyone with a mobility issue, a back problem, or some other injury or disability that leaves them struggling to get up from a seated position can use one of these chairs. 

The lift chair recliner can be used like any chair in your home but gives you the security of knowing that if you are having trouble getting up, you can push a button, and the chair will assist you to your feet. 

The cost of a lift chair recliner is not much more than a good-quality recliner that you get from a furniture store. If you have a mobility issue that your doctor documents, your insurance company may cover the cost of the chair under your durable medical equipment coverage. If you find the need for a lift chair, call the insurance company and talk to them about it first. They may already have a local company that they work with that can provide the chair, deliver it to your home, and show you how to use it safely. 

For more information on lift chair recliners, reach out to a supplier.