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Why Your Healthcare Facility Should Utilize A Medical Staffing Company During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Dealing with the COVID-19 crisis can be devastating to your staff and your patients alike. Making sure you can keep up with healthcare demands means making sure you have enough staff members on hand to accommodate the fluctuation of patients you see over time. Here are a few reasons to consider working with a medical staffing agency through these difficult times:

Scale Your Services Quickly

It can be tough to know when an influx of patients will inundate your healthcare facility due to rapidly spreading clusters in your community. And who knows how long this pandemic will linger on? Because of the uncertainty of what COVID-19 brings to the table, you may find yourself in immediate need of extra help to accommodate the healthcare needs of people throughout your community.

Working with a medical staffing company will allow you to bring workers in quickly whenever the need arises. When things slow down, you don't have to worry about laying anyone off — you can just stop requesting services from the medical staffing company you're working with. If things pick up again, you can simply let your service provider know.

Relieve Employee Stress

Wondering whether you're greeting patients who will test positive for COVID-19 can be extremely stressful for your employees each day. Having to remember to comply with personal protective equipment regulations can be another stressor. And wondering whether the virus is being brought home to family members is the icing on most healthcare workers' stress cake.

Having temporary staff standing by will provide your employees with some peace of mind and should help relieve their stress. They'll know that whenever they need a break or feel that they should temporarily stay home to protect their family, they can do so without leaving your healthcare facility shorthanded.

Make Management Easier

Knowing that you can bring in temporary staff members at any time will make it easier for you to manage your overall staffing needs as you fight through this pandemic. Instead of trying to figure out who is willing to do overtime one week and who is willing to take a cut in hours the next, you can utilize the medical staffing company you're working with to meet your scheduling needs on a day-to-day basis.

You can schedule staff services days, weeks, or months ahead of time, based on your current staffing needs and future projections to make staff management convenient. But you won't be obligated to keep your schedules if your needs change. Your staffing company should be able to make last-minute changes to your schedules even if you schedule their services weeks in advance.

Reach out to a medical staffing company near you to learn more.