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3 Things To Avoid If You Have Periodontal Disease

If you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease and you are in the process of fighting back with your dentist to save your gums, you need to make sure you are taking care of your overall health as well. There are certain factors that, while not causing periodontal disease, can make your periodontal condition worse. These factors can make it harder for your dentist to treat your periodontal disease.


If you have already been diagnosed with periodontal disease, you need to stop smoking. Stopping smoking is not an easy task, which is why you need to work with your primary care doctor to come up with a smoking cessation plan. Tobacco is a very addictive substance, and it can take time to withdraw from using it.

However, stopping smoking is going to assist with your recovery from periodontal disease. Smoking leads to a further buildup of tartar on your teeth, which can contribute to further bone loss.

Teeth Clenching

Many people don't even realize that they clench their teeth, but clenching your teeth is something your dentist can identify by looking at the state of your teeth and jaw. When you clench your teeth, you put excessive force on your teeth, which is something your bones can't handle when they are fighting periodontal disease.

Many people clench their teeth when they are sleeping, which can be solved with a mouthguard. For clenching throughout the day, you need to work to identify when you clench your teeth, so you can find strategies for not clenching throughout the day. Learning to relax your jaw can help protect your fragile jawbone.


Finally, stress can harm your ability to recover from periodontal disease. Your periodontal disease can be severely worsened by stress. Stress is not just something that impacts your mental well-being; it is something that can impact your overall health as well.

When you are stressed, your body's immune system is not able to fight back against infection. Your body's immune system can be severely compromised by stress. Fighting against stress can be complicated, but finding ways to reduce stress in your life can help your body fight back against periodontal disease.

In addition to following the advice and treatment laid out by your dentist, you should stop smoking, find ways to reduce stress, and stop clenching your teeth if you want to win your fight against periodontal disease. Reach out to a periodontist like John S. Winford in your area for more information.