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3 Reasons To Encourage Your Child To Read Historical Fiction

If your child is looking for new books to read or if they can't find reading material they enjoy, introduce them to historical fiction. Historical fiction is a genre that combines historical elements (like historical figures, places, events, or settings) with a fictional story. Here are a few reasons to encourage your child to read a historical fiction book.

1. Historical Fiction Helps Children Discover Elements of History That They Find Interesting

History can be an overwhelming subject for many children. There are so many dates, figures, places, and events that it all seems like too much to even try to learn about. Or, maybe they've come to view history as boring because it feels like a collection of facts and timelines. 

A historical fiction novel can change all this. The book usually exposes the child to a more limited point in history; this often makes history feel less overwhelming. Instead of having to learn about every historical event, the child gets to focus on the historical elements in the story. 

The characters in a historical fiction book can also attract a child's interest because they can see how the events impacted real people. A child might read about families during the Civil War or learn about passengers on the Titanic.

They might decide to learn more about the historical aspect of the book, or they may move on to the next novel on their reading list. Regardless of their decision, they've still been exposed to stories that are rooted in history. 

2. There Are Historical Fiction Novels for Every Reading Ability

It's important for children to read books that challenge them. Not only does this help the child improve their reading skills, but it also prevents them from getting bored with their reading material.

Historical books are available for every reading level, from short, sight-word books designed for new readers to long novels suited for older teens. Children will be introduced to new words that expand their vocabulary and more in-depth stories that improve their reading comprehension.

3. Historical Fiction Exposes Children to a Variety of Characters

Since historical fiction books encompass so many historical events and people, they introduce children to a vast variety of characters. Children can envision themselves as characters who on the surface seem different but who are actually very similar to them. Even if the character is from a different race, gender, or ethnic group, a child will still be able to empathize with their situation. 

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