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Creating A Welcoming Waiting Room For Your Obstetrics Practice

Obstetrics patients have a unique set of needs, and providing a comfortable and welcoming waiting room can go a long way toward making their regular appointments easier. If you are looking to remodel the waiting area in your obstetrics practice, here are some options to consider.

Individual Seating

Instead of choosing chairs without arms or benches, consider adding medical office furniture that provides personal space and plush comfort. Individual seats can give patients that extra personal space they may desire. Consider reclining chairs with thick supportive padding to make long waits easier. The ability to elevate the feet can be ideal for those patients experiencing swollen feet during their pregnancies. If reclining chairs aren't an option for your waiting room, be sure to look for chairs with tall padded backs and padded armrests for extra support and comfort.

Charging Stations

Sometimes, OB appointments can be rather long. Women who are taking glucose tests or non-stress tests may find that they are in the office so long that their phone or tablet batteries run low. Adding charging stations between every few chairs in the waiting room can be a great amenity. This is particularly true for urban areas where moms-to-be might need to use a rideshare app after each appointment.

Air Purifiers

Pregnant women may be more sensitive to certain smells, which means adding potpourri or air fresheners to keep the room smelling great might not be the best option. Instead, consider investing in air purifiers that can remove odors. This helps keep your waiting room smelling fresh and clean without potentially triggering morning sickness.

Wall-Mount Magazine Racks

While placing pamphlets, brochures and magazines on tables in the waiting room can look nice, it may be difficult for some women to bend over to reach the magazines. Look for wall-mount magazine racks from your medical office furniture supplier. Place them behind the cozy chairs throughout the office so everyone can access reading material to help stay busy. If your waiting room is child-friendly, place one or two at a lower height for children to access coloring and activity books.

Carpeted Floors

Adding carpeting instead of tile or wood can be a great benefit for women visiting an OB's office. Sore and tired feet can be common with pregnant women, and carpeting provides a bit of extra cushion with every step. Adding carpet with soft padding underneath can also provide added cushion in the event that someone trips in the waiting room. Work with your medical furnishing company to determine which thickness and construction is best for your patients before installing new carpeting in your waiting room.