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Streamline Your Shipping With Cardboard Shipping Tubes

If your business is expanding, you might be shipping out more and more products with each passing day. Over time, this will cause your shipping costs to rise. Obviously, the higher your shipping costs, the less money you will make on the sale. It's not just the postage that is costing you money; it's also your packaging. If your packaging is inefficient or too large for the product you are shipping, you might be wasting money. More and more businesses today are turning to cardboard shipping tubes to help them streamline their shipping process. Here's why you might want to reach out to a cardboard shipping tube supplier today.

 A More Uniform Cost

If most or all of your products will fit inside a shipping tube, you can order dozens or hundreds of tubes and know exactly how much weight each tube will add to the total. If many of your products are the same and your packaging is the same across the board, you might also be able to start putting your own postage on the tube before you even head to the post office. Knowing exactly how much each tube will cost you to ship out in advance may allow you to avoid having to stand in a line at the post office and wait for different packages to be weighed.

Decent Protection for Every Product

Another benefit of going with cardboard for your shipping tubes is that most cardboard used for this purpose is fortified to be as strong as possible. In other words, you can mail various products without having to worry too much about anything getting damaged in transit. The unique shape of a shipping tube may also create a perfect fit for certain kinds of products. This means you won't have to worry about the product shifting during transit, and you might be able to just use the shipping tube and not need additional packing supplies like bubble wrap or plastic peanuts.

Cardboard Is Super Easy to Recycle

If your company is becoming more environmentally friendly, you might want to make sure all of your shipping containers are super easy to recycle. Cardboard obviously fits the bill quite well for this. It might even be possible to find a supplier that creates shipping tubes using recycled cardboard, which can further reduce your company's environmental footprint.

Contact a vendor for shipping tubes today for more information.