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How To Handle A Cash Bond

When you are in jail and given the opportunity for bond, you are typically offered a surety bond. This type of bond allows the defendant to only pay 10 or 15 percent (or some other small percentage) of the total bond, and then the bail bond company will be able to handle or vouch for the rest. In some cases, though, the court may order a cash-only bond. If this is what has happened in your case, here is what you need to know.

Why Is a Cash-Only Bond Issued?

If the court decides to offer you a cash-only bond but not a surety bond, it could because of multiple different factors. The biggest reason is often if you, the defendant, are considered to be somewhat of a flight risk. Cash-only bonds may also be required for certain crimes that are considered to be more severe. The court is still offering you the opportunity to get out of jail with a bond, but they will require the full amount paid in cash, usually with no exceptions.

Can a Bail Bondsman Still Help Me?

In order to get out of jail with the help of a bail bondsman in this scenario, you will first need to find a bail bonds company that deals in cash bonds. If you do not personally have the amount you need in cash up front, the bail bonds service might be willing to show up with the full amount to the jail or whatever place you are being held at. You will typically need to sign a contract agreeing to pay the bail bondsman back in full, and there may be additional checks on your background or history by the bail bonds company to make sure you can pay.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

If a bail bonds company is providing some money up front to help pay a cash bond, the payment terms for you might be different than with a surety bond. You might have a tighter schedule in which to pay back the full amount. You will also need to keep up with all court dates or risk getting arrested again.

A cash or cash-only bond is issued in certain court cases where the court or judge does not feel comfortable with a typical surety bond. Paying all of the money up front may help ensure the defendant returns for their court date. A bail bond company can still help you with a cash-only bond, but you need to keep an open mind and be willing to comply with the bail bondsman's requests. Contact a bail bond company today to get started