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Condensation Can Shut Down Your Air Compressor and Your Business

Compressed air is crucial for keeping your industrial compressor working at optimum levels. Air compressors tend to have residual water enter the system, which can cause issues with your machinery like internal corrosion and frozen airlines. If you encounter either of these issues, your production can be delayed while it gets fixed.

What Is Compressed Air?

Compressed air is vital to the life of your industrial machinery in a factory. Many production lines use it to clean piping and parts. It's also a source of powerful energy that can help run the machinery that runs your business. It can run hand tools like drills and small engines. It can also power up larger machinery like part conveyors.

Compressed air forces gas molecules closer together than they are in the air we breathe. This means that the air pressure and the temperature of that air increases causing energy that cleans and runs machines. This is an engineering process calls polytropic compression and the air, pressure, and heat need to stay clean so that your machinery works properly.

What Happens When Compressed Air Gets Dirty?

Condensation causes impurity in your air compressor which in turn contaminates the air in your compressor making it unsanitary. Air contamination can cause rust in your machinery and hand tools, and it can be an expensive quality issue when your work is impacted.

For instance, if you are using compressed air to power an air painter and water vapor gets into your paint as it goes through the compressor, then your paint won't adhere to surfaces as readily. This can cause unevenness, flaking and extra coats after the air compressor air is cleaned and dried. This causes the painter to lose time, the quality of his paint job suffers, and the resulting time and quality issues can cause him to lose his job.

Other issues surrounding water vapor in your compressed air is that pneumatic equipment won't work properly, your air lines can freeze up and your tools won't read measurements correctly. This can cost a business a lot of money in downtime and repairs.

What Can An Air Gas Liquid Drying System Do?

An air gas liquid drying system simply keeps water vapor from forming in your compressor. This, in turn, keeps your machinery cleaner, keeps your machinery's measurements more accurate, and cuts down on costly productivity and quality issues. If your air compressor is up and running, so is your business.