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Making The Right Hire By Working With A Professional Staffing Agency

Hiring a new employee is expensive. When all is said and done, most companies end up spending an average of approximately $4,000 on every employee that they bring on board. There are a lot of expenses that come with getting it right, so you need to make sure you have some discernment and a winning strategy when you are planning to fill any position within your business. 

To make sure that you're hiring the best professional, you should consider partnering up with a professional staffing agency. Read on to learn about working with professional staffing agencies and how to get it right when you're making a hire. 

Work side by side with a professional staffing agency

So why should you do business with a staffing company? A lot of businesses lean heavily on the support that these companies provide, and most end up glad that they did. For starters, staffing agencies get an incredible volume of applications and reference points matching up the right professional with the right company. Their reputations depend on making these connections, so they have a deeper understanding of the criteria that promise success. 

With that in mind, working with a staffing agency is a collaborative process. Companies that are looking to hire an employee come to these agencies with a breakdown of what type of position they are filling and what kind of person they need to fill it. An experienced staffing agent will know which questions to ask to find out more details. This way, you can put your resources together to lay out the best criteria, and then lean on the staffing agency's expansive network of applicants and leads. 

Your job listing gets publicized to the fullest, and you improve your odds of landing the right hire. It's a win-win situation across the board. 

Hone in on what your candidates can do, their certifications, and who they are as people

The process isn't complete once you've set aside a few potential candidates. The staffing agency will also participate in the interview process with you and will run subsequent background checks on each person that you want to progress further in the hiring process. Pay special attention to how they respond to questions related to their previous work experience, and make sure that you choose candidates that are capable of contributing to your company from day one. 

Use their past certifications and accomplishments as a reference point, and always follow up with any industry references they have. Finally, always get a feel for who they are as people and figure out if they will be a good fit for your company personality-wise. 

Lean on the help of a staffing agency so that you can always get the hire correct the first time.