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Helpful Tips For Clothing Designers Choosing Swatch Memos For Clients

If you're a clothing designer and work with a lot of different clients, then it's a good idea to invest in swatch memos. They enable you to show clients various materials you're thinking about incorporating into their clothing pieces. Choosing these swatch memos doesn't have to be difficult if you take advantage of these tips. 

Look For Organized Labels

When clients start moving through the swatch memos that you sent them, they need to know exactly what they're looking at. Otherwise, they may get materials confused and then this can hurt your designing operations later down the road.

So that this doesn't happen, make sure your swatch memos have organized labels that detail exactly what each material is. Thanks to these labels, confusion for clients won't be able to set in. They can see what each material is and make a note of it when giving you feedback on what they like.

Make Sure Ordering Process is Convenient

Life as a clothing designer can be pretty hectic. You're probably juggling projects from multiple clients at a time, after all. Since you have a hectic schedule, the ordering process for swatch memos needs to be as convenient as possible.

You should be able to find a swatch memo supplier that has a custom fill-out form, where you can specify exactly what fabric samples you need. After providing this information and paying, you should be given a target shipment date and a tracking number that you can use to monitor the shipment. This shipping structure will save you a lot of time and stress, ultimately. 

Work With a Qualified Supplier

There are a lot of different suppliers of swatch memos today, making it important that you carefully analyze their operations so that you find the perfect fit. Start by reviewing the costs of swatch memos from different suppliers. Compare their inventory rates and see which supplier is the most cost-effective to work with.

Next, see how each swatch memo supplier is received in the design industry. You want a company with a great reputation because it improves your odds of receiving swatch memos that are high-quality. 

Designing clothes can be a lucrative and amazing career. To set your business up for success, you'll need to take advantage of swatch memos from time to time. As long as you know what specs and details to focus on when purchasing these fabric samples, they can help your operations tremendously.