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3 Great Tips to Consider for Attorneys Hiring Chemistry Expert Witnesses

If you're a prosecuting attorney and chemistry is an integral part of your case, then it may be necessary to hire a chemistry expert witness. They can prove your case through their testimonies, helping you achieve a favorable outcome in court. This expert will work out just fine if you keep these selection tips in mind. 

Review Qualifications 

Before you start working with a chemical expert witness, you first need to review their qualifications. You need to make sure they're capable of helping you build an effective case, after all. You should be able to see where the chemistry expert studied and review their degrees.

You can also look into their daily profession, whether it's working in a research lab or teaching at the collegiate level. Just make sure the qualifications point towards a competent expert witness, as their testimonials could be the difference in winning or losing. 

Go Through Mock Questions 

So that you have a better idea of how the chemistry expert witness is under pressure, you need to ask them mock questions that you think they will be asked in court. You'll then see right away if this expert witness is a good fit or if you need to find someone else.

Each time you ask a question, see how confidently they can respond and get an idea of the substance in their responses. The chemistry expert witness also needs to be concise and clear with their answers, as well as be able to relay complex information in a way that's easy to digest. 

Make Sure They're Not Biased

One of the most important attributes a chemistry expert witness needs to have is a non-biased stance towards your case. Rather, they need to be completely objective all the way through. Otherwise, the expert witness' bias will be pointed out by the opposing attorney and then what they say may be thrown out completely.

The only way to tell if an expert witness is biased or not is to interview them in person. Tell them about your case and the chemistry matters that are involved. Hearing their responses, you'll be able to make the right judgment call.

There are a lot of cases today that involve chemistry. If you're an attorney and chemistry is key for yours, make sure you spend time vetting chemistry expert witnesses. A calculated approach will help you find the right professional that helps you achieve the desired results in court.